Red Hand of Doom

Dealing with a Road Block

After a relaxing night on the road, you run into a road block that is manned by 8 hobgolbins and 2 ogre’s. After a lengthy and epic fight you destroy the creatures.

After searching the road and following tracks for a couple of days up into the mountains. They spot a couple of manticores that also spot them and attack. After a brief, but fierce battle they defeat the mated pair and set up camp for the night at the site of the battle.

As they camp that night Pahn decides to take some time to identify the magical items they have gathered over the last couple of days.

They have in their possession:
a Holy Symbol of Tiamat
a piece fabric with the clawed red hand
belt of giant strength +2 – Sean took possession
10 Small Iron Coffers, marked Vraath Keep
Deed to Vraath Keep
Books of Vraath Keep History
Human sized Black Dragon Skull
+1 mithral chain shirt
+1 frost bastard sword - given to the blue dragon as tribute for Tiamat
staff of life – 7 charges
2 dozen large teeth on a leather cord
+1 spiked gauntlet – huge
-potion of cure serious wounds

potion of bull’s strength
potion of invisibility
belt of might constitution +2
bracers of armor +3
2 potions of cure moderate wounds
2 potions of cure light wounds

In Storage in Drellin’s Ferry:
2x +1 shortsword
mwk studded leather
mwk heavy pick
+1 banded mail

Cash & Valuables:
6 pearls worth about 100 gp each
120 pp
5,644 gp
2,500 sp
Total Value: 7,644 gp


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