Red Hand of Doom

Finding the Lair and Reclaiming Vraath

Hoodwinking a dragon and taking on hobgoblins!!!

After a good night’s sleep the group decides to continue on up into the mountains. They are able to pick up the trail and come to a very well traveled path through the mountains. They are able to tell that a group of creatures passed this way in the last couple of days.

The decide to hide out and spend a night and the next day watching for anything interesting. In the middle of the day they spot a group of hobgoblins heading south. They appeared to be coming from the northwest. The group decides to backtrack the hobgoblins to try find their lair.

The find the lair it is a frightening sight. A huge five headed dragon is carved over a massive door carved into the mountainside.


They meet a huge blue dragon and amazingly are able to bluff a ton of information from the dragon. Like the fact that Azarr Khul is here and gathering a force of hobgoblins to invade the Vale. They are gathering at a place called Cinder Hill, to the northeast of the Fane. It is about where you left the road 2 days ago. They also learned that Tiamat herself is supposed to be at the head of the horde.

They leave their +1 frost bastard sword as tribute for Tiamat and head back towards the Vale.

They return back to their hiding place off the road as night falls. Spending the night they decide to head back the way they came to return to Drellin’s Ferry. The saw no signs of a gathering horde, but the call could have just gone out and no one has yet arrived.After spending a night on the road the next day they make it to Vraath Keep.

After a brief yet intense fight with some hobgoblins, a minotaur and a bugbear caster they search the keep, and find the following map.


The next morning they head back to town and go to meet with Captain Soranna Anitah.


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