Red Hand of Doom

Interrogation of Prisoners & Exploring Vraath

After burning the bodies of the dead hobgoblins and burying the humans. They interrogate the prisoners and learn.

The People of the Dragon are gathered in hordes, one of which is near Rhest. Their Warlord and Prophet is called the Son on the Dragon.

After dealing with the loot of the hobgoblins they headed out for Vraath Keep.

The deal with a hydra on the road through the Witchwood.

After exploring the ruins of Vraath Keep, they set about clearing some of the rubble from the courtyard. After a couple of hours they set up camp in the old barracks room.

In the middle of the night they get attacked by a shambling mound and Gaius Retland almost dies.

The next morning they really search the keep and find a hidden trap door to the vault below the castle.

They find a ton of stuff in the vault below the ruined keep.


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