Red Hand of Doom

Traveling to Rhest and the Tiri Kitor

After having a chat with Lord Jarmaath he has sent you on to the the Elves of the Tiri Kitor to try and bring them to help the other citizens of the Vale.

During the chat they learn that the threat to the Vale is only 20,000 strong instead of 300,000-200,000. They are teleported to Witchcross and from there head north to Rhest.

While traveling north towards Rhest the group meets up with a familiar roadblock. They fight and destroy the blockade, but in the process lose two of their number. Gaius Retland and Phan both pass from this world.

Taius meets up with a couple of old friends and they continue towards Rhest. They meet a rather strange lizard/dragon creature that has slain an elf and his mount. Just after they finish dealing with the creature they are approached by a group of Tiri Kitorian scouts.


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