Red Hand of Doom

Hit & Run

after running and getting away from the horde, you book it to vraath keep rest, and then recruit the hill giants to booby trap the road on this side of the river. The group heads back towards Drellin’s Ferry. You’ll send messages from Drellin’s Ferry and then continue on toward Brindol.

they attack the fane

Clearing Rhest and Destroying a Dragon

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Traveling to Rhest and the Tiri Kitor

After having a chat with Lord Jarmaath he has sent you on to the the Elves of the Tiri Kitor to try and bring them to help the other citizens of the Vale.

During the chat they learn that the threat to the Vale is only 20,000 strong instead of 300,000-200,000. They are teleported to Witchcross and from there head north to Rhest.

While traveling north towards Rhest the group meets up with a familiar roadblock. They fight and destroy the blockade, but in the process lose two of their number. Gaius Retland and Phan both pass from this world.

Taius meets up with a couple of old friends and they continue towards Rhest. They meet a rather strange lizard/dragon creature that has slain an elf and his mount. Just after they finish dealing with the creature they are approached by a group of Tiri Kitorian scouts.

Traveling to Brindol

The group travels to Brindol and is immediately summoned to the Keep.

After a lengthy discussion they tell their story and are asked to travel to the tiri kitor and ask them to come to brindol and join with the people of the vale to protect it from the hobgoblins.

They take the afternoon to sell their stuff and resupply.

In particular they purchase antidotes for known toxins in the fens. ie potions of neutralize poison. including a necklace of fireballs type I

In the morning they head over to meet with Immerstal.

They are teleported and after a couple of days arrive at another road blockade.

Phan is killed instantly by one of the ogre’s. Gaius runs like a little girl. after much fighting Gaius is also hit and dies like the little girl that he is

Checking out Cinder Hill

After determining the size of the army, 200,000-300,000 strong. As you leave you encounter a patrol and decimate all but 2 of them. You steal all you can and run away before those 2 can report your presence.

They destroy the bridge at Skull Gorge and run on to Drellin’s Ferry to warn them of the size of the approaching army.

They setup the town militia as scouts and post riders to warn when the army begins it’s march. They also direct them to mine and trap the town before moving out.

Alerting Drellin's Ferry

The group meets with Captain Soranna Anitah, Speaker Norro Wiston, and Brother Derny. After determining that none of the three are a spy they discuss all intel they currently have of the Horde.

People should start prepping for an evacuation at a moments notice. A Town curfew should be enacted to try and weed out the spy. Mine and otherwise hamper movement down the road. Fortifications should be set up along the river.

The put the whole town to a zone of truth test to see if anyone is a spy. The don’t find any spy and begin building the fortifications.

After spending some time trying to get the spy to reveal themselves to no avail they decide to scout cinder hill.

The head up north and meet with Old Warklegnaw and forge a friendship with the clan of Forest Giants.

They then meet with a troop of hobgoblins guarding Skull Gorge and decimate them.

Finding the Lair and Reclaiming Vraath
Hoodwinking a dragon and taking on hobgoblins!!!

After a good night’s sleep the group decides to continue on up into the mountains. They are able to pick up the trail and come to a very well traveled path through the mountains. They are able to tell that a group of creatures passed this way in the last couple of days.

The decide to hide out and spend a night and the next day watching for anything interesting. In the middle of the day they spot a group of hobgoblins heading south. They appeared to be coming from the northwest. The group decides to backtrack the hobgoblins to try find their lair.

The find the lair it is a frightening sight. A huge five headed dragon is carved over a massive door carved into the mountainside.


They meet a huge blue dragon and amazingly are able to bluff a ton of information from the dragon. Like the fact that Azarr Khul is here and gathering a force of hobgoblins to invade the Vale. They are gathering at a place called Cinder Hill, to the northeast of the Fane. It is about where you left the road 2 days ago. They also learned that Tiamat herself is supposed to be at the head of the horde.

They leave their +1 frost bastard sword as tribute for Tiamat and head back towards the Vale.

They return back to their hiding place off the road as night falls. Spending the night they decide to head back the way they came to return to Drellin’s Ferry. The saw no signs of a gathering horde, but the call could have just gone out and no one has yet arrived.After spending a night on the road the next day they make it to Vraath Keep.

After a brief yet intense fight with some hobgoblins, a minotaur and a bugbear caster they search the keep, and find the following map.


The next morning they head back to town and go to meet with Captain Soranna Anitah.

Dealing with a Road Block

After a relaxing night on the road, you run into a road block that is manned by 8 hobgolbins and 2 ogre’s. After a lengthy and epic fight you destroy the creatures.

After searching the road and following tracks for a couple of days up into the mountains. They spot a couple of manticores that also spot them and attack. After a brief, but fierce battle they defeat the mated pair and set up camp for the night at the site of the battle.

As they camp that night Pahn decides to take some time to identify the magical items they have gathered over the last couple of days.

They have in their possession:
a Holy Symbol of Tiamat
a piece fabric with the clawed red hand
belt of giant strength +2 – Sean took possession
10 Small Iron Coffers, marked Vraath Keep
Deed to Vraath Keep
Books of Vraath Keep History
Human sized Black Dragon Skull
+1 mithral chain shirt
+1 frost bastard sword - given to the blue dragon as tribute for Tiamat
staff of life – 7 charges
2 dozen large teeth on a leather cord
+1 spiked gauntlet – huge
-potion of cure serious wounds

potion of bull’s strength
potion of invisibility
belt of might constitution +2
bracers of armor +3
2 potions of cure moderate wounds
2 potions of cure light wounds

In Storage in Drellin’s Ferry:
2x +1 shortsword
mwk studded leather
mwk heavy pick
+1 banded mail

Cash & Valuables:
6 pearls worth about 100 gp each
120 pp
5,644 gp
2,500 sp
Total Value: 7,644 gp

Looking for Hobgoblins

After resting a bit they decide to head back to Drellin’s Ferry and leave their loot in the safe possession of Brother Derny.

As they cross Skull Gorge Bridge a large green dragon attacks, and they kill it.

Interrogation of Prisoners & Exploring Vraath

After burning the bodies of the dead hobgoblins and burying the humans. They interrogate the prisoners and learn.

The People of the Dragon are gathered in hordes, one of which is near Rhest. Their Warlord and Prophet is called the Son on the Dragon.

After dealing with the loot of the hobgoblins they headed out for Vraath Keep.

The deal with a hydra on the road through the Witchwood.

After exploring the ruins of Vraath Keep, they set about clearing some of the rubble from the courtyard. After a couple of hours they set up camp in the old barracks room.

In the middle of the night they get attacked by a shambling mound and Gaius Retland almost dies.

The next morning they really search the keep and find a hidden trap door to the vault below the castle.

They find a ton of stuff in the vault below the ruined keep.


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