Red Hand of Doom

Traveling to Brindol

The group travels to Brindol and is immediately summoned to the Keep.

After a lengthy discussion they tell their story and are asked to travel to the tiri kitor and ask them to come to brindol and join with the people of the vale to protect it from the hobgoblins.

They take the afternoon to sell their stuff and resupply.

In particular they purchase antidotes for known toxins in the fens. ie potions of neutralize poison. including a necklace of fireballs type I

In the morning they head over to meet with Immerstal.

They are teleported and after a couple of days arrive at another road blockade.

Phan is killed instantly by one of the ogre’s. Gaius runs like a little girl. after much fighting Gaius is also hit and dies like the little girl that he is


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