Red Hand of Doom

Traveling to Drellin's Ferry

The group had heard of a some issues up near Lake Rhestin, there seems to be some problems with marauding goblinoids. Their mentor and fellow cleric of Pelor, Tredora Goldenbrow has been having visions of war in the Vale under the banner of a clawed red hand. They are also interested in the ruins of Vraath Keep as they have recently come into possession of a map of the keep that mentions a hidden vault in the catacombs.

They decide to head towards Drellin’s Ferry to check out the rumors of trouble and the visions of war and plan on heading up the western side of the Lake to check things out, stopping by Vraath Keep on the way to look into the vault rumor and possibly take possession of the keep as their new base of operations in the western Vale.

They stop for the first night in Nimon Gap. Then head out towards Drellin’s Ferry in the morning.

After a day and a half in the saddle they were only a couple of miles from their destination of Drellin’s Ferry. They are ambushed by a group of hobgoblins. After an intense, yet rather brief battle they managed to kill 7 of their attackers, leaving 2 unconscious to question later, one of the unconscious is wielding two short swords. One of the dead attackers appeared to be cleric of some sort, he was wearing a pendant of what looks to be five claws, it is also sewn in the the left breast of his armor.


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