Tag: Blackfens


  • Traveling to Rhest and the Tiri Kitor

    After having a chat with [[:jarmaath-of-brindol | Lord Jarmaath]] he has sent you on to the the [[Tiri Kitor | Elves of the Tiri Kitor]] to try and bring them to help the other citizens of the [[Elsir Vale | Vale]]. During the chat they learn that the …

  • Blackfens

    [[Lake Rhestin | Lake Rhestin's]] eastern shore is hard to define, because the lake gradually gives a vast wetland known as the Blackfens. The Blackfens tend to be marsh, rather tan swamp - that is, most of the landscape is a treeless maze of open water, …

  • Rhest

    Once a prosperous city and center of the Kingdom of [[Rhestilor]], Rhest is now a half-drowned ruin slowly sinking into the [[Blackfens]].