Tag: Drellin's Ferry


  • Traveling to Drellin's Ferry

    The group had heard of a some issues up near [[Lake Rhestin | Lake Rhestin]], there seems to be some problems with marauding goblinoids. Their mentor and fellow cleric of [[Pelor]], [[:tredora-goldenbrow-1 | Tredora Goldenbrow]] has been having visions of …

  • Alerting Drellin's Ferry

    The group meets with [[:soranna-anitah-1 | Captain Soranna Anitah]], [[:norro-wiston-3 | Speaker Norro Wiston]], and [[:brother-derny | Brother Derny]]. After determining that none of the three are a spy they discuss all intel they currently have of the …

  • Drellin's Ferry

    At the spot where the [[Dawn Way]] crosses the [[Elsir River]] stands the small town of Drellin's Ferry, once known as Dwarfbridge. As the old name implies, long ago the [[Elsir River | Elsir]] was spanned by a sturdy dwarf-made bridge at this spot, but a …

  • The Green

    At the center of [[Drellin's Ferry]] is the Green, a broad grassy field where children play and farmers from outlying homesteads sell their produce.

  • The Green Apple

    A cheerful tap-house and inn on the north side of the [[The Green | Green]]. Many of the locals prefer to do their drinking here. The proprietor is a stout dwarf named Tharrma, who gives his opinion on everything whether asked or not.

  • Old Toll House

    This is the old toll house for the dwarven bridge, it is now used as town hall, courtroom, jail, and Town Guard headquarters and barracks.

  • Armory

    A small stone tower about 30 feet tall, the armory holds arms and armor for the town militia - spears, light wooden shields, leather armor, studded leather armor, leather helms, and a few old longswords and crossbows.

  • The Old Bridge Inn

    The favored stopping point of merchants traveling through [[Drellin's Ferry]]. Run by a halfling clan called Shadowbanks. Krellin Shadowbanks is the patriarch and proprietor of the inn.

  • Jarett's Sundries

    The town's general store. Jarett Nurth buys and sells anything from clothing to wine to tools and anything else he can get shipped from [[Brindol]] or other towns along the [[Dawn Way]].

  • Delora's Livery Stable

    Delora Zann has seen he days of excitement in the wilds of the world, and settled here 20 years ago. She runs a stable and livery, stabling animals for a small fee and usually has a few good quality mounts and tack available.

  • The Ferry

    Two enormously thick ropes span the [[Elsir River | Elsir]] here, affixed to a huge wooden capsfan. A pair of draft horses harnessed to the capstan turns the device, drawing the ropes, to which a large flat-bottomed barge - the ferry - is secured. Another …

  • The Dwarfbridge

    The ruins of the old bridge consist of a set of old stone pylons that stand 10 to 20 feet above the water. The Town Council is considering using the solid, dwarf-made piers as the past of a new wooden span, but so far the ferry owners have vehemently …

  • Gausler's Brewhouse

    Occupying the old barracks where a small garrison of Rhestiloran soldiers formerly guarded the [[The Dwarfbridge | bridge]], the brewhouse is, of course, a brewery. A half-orc named Gausler runs the place.

  • The Old Ones

    A small clearing in the woods on the west bank of the [[Elsir River | Elsir]] holds an old circle of small menhirs known as "the Old Ones" by the townsfolk. The circle has long served as a druidic sacred place, and the druid Avarthel now tends the Old …

  • Delora Zann

    Once a member of the famed Golden Drake Company, a band of renowned adventurers, Delora retired to [[Drellin's Ferry]] some years ago. She is a plain-speaking, no-nonsense sort of woman, tall and broad shouldered, who wears her blonde-gray hair pulled …

  • Brother Derny

    The town priest of [[Drellin's Ferry]], a stout old man. Although pompous, preachy, and long-winded, he is a good and charitable individual at heart who goes out of his way to aid less fortunate folk.