Tag: Shop


  • Shank's Shivs

    The proprietor of this weapon shop is an ex-bandit who served a ten-year sentence in the dungeons below [[Brindol Keep]], the spent the next twenty years establishing himself as a respectable businessman. Today, Shank's Shivs is widely regarded as the …

  • Brindol Market

    This large open-air market is where traveling merchants, performance troupes, con artists, street corner prophets, local farmers, and the like come to sell their services and wares.

  • Red Magic and Sundries

    This tall, thin, multistory building, one of the few completely stone structures in [[Brindol]], is the shop and home of [[:immerstal-the-red-2 | Immerstal the Red]], [[Brindol | Brindol's]] most prominent wizard. Immerstal lives with his longtime …

  • Discreet Departures

    This two-story building looms over the surrounding structures. Once a shrine dedicated to Wee Jas, the building fell to the care of a cadaverous coffin maker named Worren Lasterman when the church completed construction of a larger temple to the south. …

  • Jarett's Sundries

    The town's general store. Jarett Nurth buys and sells anything from clothing to wine to tools and anything else he can get shipped from [[Brindol]] or other towns along the [[Dawn Way]].

  • Delora's Livery Stable

    Delora Zann has seen he days of excitement in the wilds of the world, and settled here 20 years ago. She runs a stable and livery, stabling animals for a small fee and usually has a few good quality mounts and tack available.

  • The Old Ones

    A small clearing in the woods on the west bank of the [[Elsir River | Elsir]] holds an old circle of small menhirs known as "the Old Ones" by the townsfolk. The circle has long served as a druidic sacred place, and the druid Avarthel now tends the Old …