Tag: Tavern


  • The Thirsty Zombie

    The sign above this tavern's entrance depicts a wall-eyed zombie drinking from a cracked tankard. The ale in the tankard pours out of various holes in his neck and torso to pool at his feet, where six drunken rats cavort. The Thirsty Zombie's clientele is …

  • The Craven Raven

    The proprietor of this high-class tavern prides himself on providing a clean, sophisticated venue for [[Brindol | Brindol's]] populace to seek entertainment and drink. A slim, elegant male human, Andraki Lenn won the deed to this once-notorious tavern …

  • The Laughing Manticore

    This building is a cmbination tavern and brewery. The taproom caters to rich but wild patrons, making it a place where most adventurers feel right at home. The Laughing Manticore's most well-know product is manticore mead, a pale red drink of honey and …

  • Gausler's Brewhouse

    Occupying the old barracks where a small garrison of Rhestiloran soldiers formerly guarded the [[The Dwarfbridge | bridge]], the brewhouse is, of course, a brewery. A half-orc named Gausler runs the place.