Drellin's Ferry

At the spot where the Dawn Way crosses the Elsir River stands the small town of Drellin’s Ferry, once known as Dwarfbridge. As the old name implies, long ago the Elsir was spanned by a sturdy dwarf-made bridge at this spot, but a hundred years ago the bridge washed out in a great flood. An enterprising man named Drellin hammered together a small horse-drawn ferry to maintain a river crossing here, and a town eventually grew up around the enterprise.


Key Sites

  1. Watchposts
  2. The Green
  3. Town Speaker’s House
  4. The Green Apple
  5. Morlin’s Smithy
  6. Shrine of Pelor
  7. House of Sertieren the Wise
  8. Old Toll House
  9. Armory
  10. The Old Bridge Inn
  11. Jarett’s Sundries
  12. Delora’s Livery Stable
  13. Iormel’s Warehouse
  14. The Ferry
  15. The Dwarfbridge
  16. Gausler’s Brewhouse
  17. Jendar’s Warehouse
  18. Sterrel’s Provisioning
  19. The Old Ones

Drellin's Ferry

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